How to play 90 Ball Bingo


When you're in the Heart Bingo Lobby choose the Heart Bingo 90 room or Heart Medley and this will bring you into our Heart Bingo 90 Game or Heart Medley Game and Chat room.

Buying Tickets

Tickets prices are clearly displayed in the buying screen, click buy to see the ticket prices for the next game. Tickets will be priced at either 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p or 25p

You can buy Bingo tickets by selecting the tickets you want to buy and clicking the 'Buy' button.

You can also buy tickets trough the Quick Buy, which allows you to buy tickets for the next game. Simply click 'Buy Tickets' in the game screen and you will be presented with the tickets you can buy for the next game.

Select the number of tickets you wish to buy. Click 'Buy' and you will be presented with a message confirming your purchase - from here you can purchase additional tickets or return to the game.

When you return to the game screen, you will be shown how many tickets you hold. When the game begins, your tickets will appear and you will be able to see your tickets being marked off as the balls are called.


At the start of the game you'll see your purchased tickets.

To view the other bingo strips you've purchased click the arrow button(s) located above the bingo tickets.

Your best ticket(s) will always be moved to the top.

You can choose to mark numbers yourself or automatically by selecting or de-selecting the 'Auto Dab' button. You can also change the colour of your dabber by using the colour picker.

You'll see how many numbers you have left on the left hand side of your tickets, (e.g. 1 to go, 4 to go).

The Prizes

There are 3 opportunities to win on Heart Bingo 90 or Heart Medley; you can win 1 line, 2 lines or the Full House!

In addition there is a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot - you need to get a Full House in 36 numbers or less.

The cash prizes in each game vary depending on how many people are playing.

The Jackpot will restart at £1,000 pounds once it has been won.

Prizes are shared if there is more than one winner at the same time

Plus there's now a chance to win a Community Super Jackpot – you need to get a Full House in 38 numbers or less.

The cash prizes are fixed at either £25,000 or £10,000 depending on the time of day and price of the ticket. If a player wins the Community Super Jackpot they'll receive 50% of the prize. The other 50% will be shared with all their Bingo buddies who hold tickets to the same game.


You'll find a friendly chat room in Heart Bingo 90 and Heart Medley

You can talk to other Bingo players in our friendly chat rooms while you play.

To post a message in the chat room, type what you would like to say into the text entry field and click `Send' or press the enter button on your keyboard.

Every chat room on Heart Bingo 90 and Heart Medley has a Chat Host who looks after players. If you have any questions please ask our friendly Chat Hosts. They're here to help you!

Chat hosts are easy to see in the chat room because they always type in red.

Chat hosts run regular chat games where you can win cash prizes.

The chat text colour can be changed by clicking on the colour picker located at the bottom of the chat console.

Smileys and icons can also be posted.

Heart Bingo 90 and Heart Medley participates in a pooled Progressive Jackpot network owned and operated by Gamesys Limited.


You can access preferences via the preferences button below the ticket area when you have purchased tickets in a game.

Auto Daub

The "auto daub" feature will automatically watch and mark all of your tickets for you, which is convenient if you are playing many tickets at the same time. However, if you would like to take a more pro-active approach, you can turn the "auto daub" off and manually mark your ticket by moving your mouse over the numbers. Don't worry if you accidentally miss a number; all of your prizes will be awarded whether you have daubed your tickets or not. You can customise the colour of your dauber by selecting from the colour panel within preferences. You can also customise the dauber shape by selecting from the dauber shape panel.


The Music check box allows you to switch the music On or Off or adjust the volume.

Auto Sort

Auto Sort will automatically bring your closest winning tickets to the front so that you can always see how close you are to completing the pattern and winning a prize.

Change Page

If you have purchased more tickets than are available to view onscreen, you will be able to scroll through the pages of tickets by using the arrow buttons.

Ticket Display

If you have purchased more than three tickets you can increase or decrease the number of tickets displayed by clicking the + and - signs for the zoom option, when the game is being played.

Rules in the event of disconnection (or not being connected)

This game is played over the Internet which is a communication medium that is known to be imperfect. Messages to or from your display device and the game servers may be lost or interrupted. If you have wagered on a game but have not started the game when you are disconnected, the game will not take place. If you have wagered and have started the game when you are disconnected the game will be recorded on the game servers and the bet will stand and the outcome will be reflected in your account status.

In the event of disconnection the records stored on the game server shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any wagers you place and the circumstances in which they were made.

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Bingo 90 Jackpot prize?

To win the Bingo 90 Jackpot prize you need to complete your Bingo card within a certain number of ball calls. You can see how many ball calls are left before the Jackpot is won or rolls over to the next game, beside the Jackpot amount in brackets. The Bingo 90 Jackpot will keep getting bigger until someone wins it. Once it has been won, the jackpot will restart at £1,000 and start getting bigger again.

Buying tickets in Bingo 90

You can only buy tickets for the next game. Select the tickets you want to purchase by clicking on them and then click the 'Buy' button. When the game starts you will be able to see the tickets you have purchased and your best cards will always be at the top.

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