How to play Fortuna the Dragon

Welcome to the world of Fortuna the Dragon, a world of magic, free spins and hidden gold - all told with stunning 3D Graphics.

You can play from as little as a penny and enjoy anything up to 25 lines of fantasy and adventure.

And watch out for Fortuna herself, who could come flying onto the reels at any time, bringing fortune and good luck.

Coin Size

First, you select the coin size - this will control the amount you wager on each line.

For Fortuna the Dragon you can bet 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p per line. And because payouts are based on multiples of your stake, this also controls you could potential win.

Simply click on the + or - buttons beside the coin size display to toggle through the different coin sizes.

Win Lines

You can now select the number of lines you want to bet on. Lines are coloured and appear across the reels. There are three ways to pick them.

  1. Click BET ONE to add another line, up to the maximum of 25. If you click past 25 it will return to the minimum single line.
  2. Click on the coloured numbers at the side of the reels to choose how many lines you want to play
  3. Click BET MAX to select all 25 lines and automatically start the reels spinning

Betting on a lot of lines increases your chance of winning though it won't affect the payout as that is determined when you select you initial stake.

Spinning the Reels

To start a game, either click BET MAX or select your coin size and the number of lines you want to play and then click SPIN.

Fortuna bonus features

All Fortuna's bonus features begin with the player being awarded 5 free spins!

  • Feature 1: Dragon Love

    On each of the free spins, the three dragon symbols - Dracco and the two fortuna symbols - are all replaced by the Dracco and Fortuna symbol where they appear together.

  • Feature 2: Fortuna Fortunes

    Each winning free spin awards a win multiplier between 1 and 10.

  • Feature 3: Wild Fire!

    At the end of each free spin, Fortuna may breathe flaming wilds onto any symbols in the reel window.

  • Feature 4: Wild Fire Reel!

    Player is awarded 5 Free Spins. During each spin, Fortuna will breathe Flaming Wilds onto 1 entire wheel.


Autoplay allows you to select the number of spins you want the slot to automatically make, while you relax and let the game do the work for you. Plus, because it will automatically stop for Bonus Games, or you can use the Stop Button anytime, you're always in control.

If you want to activate Autoplay, simply select Auto in the game controls and set the number of spins you require by clicking on the corresponding box. You can go as high as 1,000 spins by scrolling with the arrows that appear next to the numbered boxes.

If you want to customize Autoplay further, simply click on the Advanced Options tab where you'll be offered four more features.

  • If single win exceeds will stop Autoplay when the amount you win exceeds or equals the amount specified
  • If balance goes above will stop Autoplay if your total account balance rises above an amount you choose
  • If balance goes under will stop Autoplay if your total account balance decreases below an amount you choose
  • On any win will stop Autoplay every time you win

Good luck!

How to win

Please see the payout table for symbol pays. All wins (except scatter) pay left to right

Wild symbol

The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations (except for the scatter symbols).

Scatter symbol

Scatter pays in any position. Wins are multiplied by total number of coins staked.

Game Rules

Pressing SPIN will cause the bet to be placed for the coin size and number of lines selected and the game will be commenced.

Pressing BET MAX will cause the bet to be placed for the selected coin size and the maximum number of lines and the game will be commenced.

All winning sequences are scored left to right, except scatter symbols. All winning sequences must start on the first left hand reel (except for scatter symbols)

The figures in the pay table MULTIPLY the COIN SIZE you have chosen and are NOT the PAYOUT TOTALS

Wins on separate pay-lines are added.

Each spin is completely random and independent. It is not affected by previous spins or the start position of the reels. Each reel is independent and is not affected by any other reel.

Once the game has been commenced (by pressing SPIN, AUTOSPIN or BET MAX) the game cannot be discontinued.

This game is played over the Internet which is a communication medium that is known to be imperfect. Messages to or from your display device and the game servers may be lost or interrupted. If you have wagered on a game but have not started the game when you are disconnected, the game will not take place. If you have wagered and have started the game when you are disconnected the game will be recorded on the game servers and the bet will stand and the outcome will be reflected in your account status.

In the event of a disconnection during a bonus game, reconnecting and re-selecting the Fortuna the Dragon slot at the same coin value should cause the game to commence from the point at which it terminated. In the event a bonus game cannot for any reason be recommenced in this way this is considered a malfunction.

In the event of disconnection the records stored on the game server shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any wagers you place and the circumstances in which they were made.

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

It's also important to note that winning symbol combinations must be next to each other on a selected win line, starting from the left-hand reel.

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