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How to play Super SNAP!

Super Snap is the bingo game that comes with four unique ways to win!


Buying Card Hands

You can buy up to five hands of cards for each game of Super Snap.

The tickets are priced at £1 per hand.

Click on a hand to select it and then click again to confirm the purchase.

Your hand will then be revealed once your purchase has been confirmed.


Your Four Ways to Win

Calling SNAP!

Once your game has begun the dealer will call out the cards one at a time. The letters S, N, A, P or ! will appear on any cards you match.

If you can match a full hand then the word SNAP! will appear on your cards and you will win the game jackpot. This jackpot varies depending on the number of players in the game at the time.

Prizes are shared among the players if there is more than one winner at the same time.

Any winnings will instantly appear in your Heart Bingo account.


Community Chest Jackpot

If any player is able to match all five cards in one hand within the first seven calls then they will open the Community Chest Jackpot, which is then shared between everyone who is playing.

The holder of the winning hand will receive 40% of the jackpot, while the other 60% is split between everyone who holds a ticket in that game.

The starting figure on the Super Snap Community Chest Jackpot is £100.


Charm Jackpot

Purchasing the maximum of five hands in one game will see you receive a Lucky Charm bonus, as well as one of six charms.

After the winners have been declared, the winning Lucky Charm will then be revealed. If your lucky charm matches the one shown then you will win a share of the Lucky Charm Jackpot, along with anyone else who has the same charm.


Poker Bonus

When you have purchased your ticket you will have a chance to win an instant poker bonus. The available bonus payouts are shown in the table below.


Hand Type

Pays multiple of card price

Two pair


Three of a kind






Full House


Four of a kind


Straight Flush


Straight Royal Flush




You can chat with other Snap players while you play in our friendly chat rooms.

Chatting could not be more straightforward. Simply type what you would like to say in the box at the bottom of the chat screen and press enter to see your message automatically appear in the chat window.

The chat text colour can be changed by clicking on the colour picker at the bottom of the chat console. Smileys and icons can also be posted in the chat window during a game of Super Snap.


Jackpot and Jackpot Rules

To win the game Jackpot you must get SNAP! on all five cards in your hand. If more than one player gets SNAP! at the same time the game jackpot is shared.

The Community Chest Jackpot is withdrawn from the game once five cards have been called. When the Jackpots are withdrawn from a game they will be visibly darkened out.

Winning the fixed Jackpot also wins the game prize. In the event of two or more players completing their card hands when the same card is drawn, the Jackpot and the game prize is shared between them.

All Jackpot winnings will be subject to final confirmation by the Operator. This decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.