Daily Paper

Daily Paper

Keep yourself up to date and grab yourself a copy of the Daily Paper, our exciting daily free game.

    Daily Paper Game Overview

    Select a newspaper from the grid to read by hovering the pointer over it and clicking on it.

    For every daily visit you make, you will get six picks.

    Reading each paper will reveal one of eight different symbols which you will need to collect.

    Each symbol will have a specific amount of times it needs to be collected in order to claim the prize for that symbol.

    This information is displayed on the paytable on the left side of the screen which continually updates to let you know exactly how much more of each symbol you need to collect to claim your prize.

    All you need to do to make sure you don't miss out on this incredible free offer, is to make sure you have made one lifetime deposit of at least £10 on our site and you are eligible to play Daily Paper!

    Cherry35 spins
    Bar 447 spins
    Double Bar510 spins
    Seven615 spins
    Free Hols720 spins
    Sports830 spins
    Celeb Gossip940 spins
    TV Fun1050 spins

    Monthly Headline Picks

    On the last day of each month, Daily Paper's monthly bonus game, Headline Picks, will be available to play giving you a chance to increase your winnings even more!

    Everyday that you play Daily Paper you will receive an extra newspaper which will be added to your calendar on the day of play.

    In order to get this bonus newspaper, you must use all of your six picks for the day otherwise it will not count as an entry and you will not receive a bonus newspaper.

    When you play Headline Picks on the last day of the month, your calendar will show which days you earned an extra newspaper in.

    The calendar will also reveal all the days that are considered lucky days and if you earned a newspaper on a luck day, you get a prize.

    Avoid getting bananas, as they mean that you didn't earn a bonus newspaper on a designated lucky day!

    If you are lucky enough to have earned yourself a bonus newspaper on a lucky day, a pulsating newspaper will appear and clicking on it will reveal your prizes.

    To help you catch up to this new feature of ours, the first time you play Headline Picks you will be awarded a special one-time bonus of one free paper for every day that the current game has been in play and all of it will be added to your calendar.