Doubly Bubbly

Doubly Bubbly

Win cash and free spins with our Double Bubble-themed free daily game, Doubly Bubbly.

Doubly Bubbly Game Overview

Enter our special Double Bubble bathroom, where a grid consisting of 10x9 bathroom tiles will greet you.

Collect symbols hidden beneath the bathroom tiles by hovering your pointer over each tile and clicking on it.

Each symbol will need to be collected a specific number of times to form a set.

Each player will get six picks each day, to uncover the symbols.

Check the paytable on the left side of the screen to see how many of each symbol you must collect to earn yourself a well-earned prize. 

This table will continually update as you collect more symbols, to show you exactly how much more of each symbol you need to form a set!

All you need to do to make sure you don't miss out on this incredible free offer, is to make sure you have made one lifetime deposit of at least £10 on our site and you are free to play Doubly Bubbly!

Lucky 735 spins
Grapes410 spins
Cherries550 spins
Green Soap8£20
Blue Soap9£250

Monthly Bonus Game

To make your experience even more exciting and rewarding, Doubly Bubbly also comes with a monthly bonus game that is to be played on the last day of every month, giving players one last chance to win big.

For each day that you play Doubly Bubbly, you will be awarded one shell which will be added to your calendar on the day of play.

To gain a shell, all six picks of each day must be used otherwise it will not count as an entry and you will not receive a shell.

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