Tiki's Catch of the Day

Tiki's Catch of the Day

Go fishing with Tiki in our daily free game, Tiki's Catch of the Day

    Tiki's Catch of the Day Game Overview

    The game takes place in Tiki's Lagoon - a 10x9 grid that hides cash and free spins.

    To make a pick, select a square to reveal what is behind it.

    Your fishing rod will then pull out an item which could be one of the following:

    - one of five different coloured fish

    - one of the characters from Tiki Island

    - or an old boot

    You win cash and other prizes by collecting matching sets of fish or character.

    You may play the game once a day and cast your fishing rod six times on each visit.

    The number of items you still need to collect will be displayed in the paytable on the left side of the screen.

    Tiki Monkey35 spins
    Mr Tiki410 spins
    Miss Tiki550 spins
    Blue Fish6£5
    Green Fish7£10
    Red Fish8£20
    Pink Fish9£250
    Yellow Fish10£750

    Your game board will be stored for a week so you can visit and play everyday.

    Any free spins won playing Tiki's Catch of the Day can also be played on the slot games: Tiki Totems Megaways, Tiki Island and Tiki Island Jackpot.

    Please note that altthough Tiki's Catch of the Day is a free to play game, you must have made one lifetime deposit of at least £10 to play.

    Catch of the Month

    A special monthly game where you can win cash and free spins on last day of every month.

    Each day you play Tiki's Catch of the day awards you one pick to use on the last day of the month.

    On the lad day of the month  you must pick shells from a 7x7 grid.

    Each shell can hold up to £100 or up to 10 free spins on Tiki Island Jackpot.

     The first time you play Tiki's Catch of the Day with the new Tiki's Catch of the Month feature, you will be awarded a special one-time bonus of one free pick for every day that the current monthly game has been in play.