Live Three Card Poker

Live Three Card Poker

Beat the dealer in our Live Casino's Live Three Card Poker!

    Live Three Card Poker Game Overview

    In Live Three Card Poker the aim of the game is to beat the dealer with a better three-card hand.

    You and the dealer each get dealt three face cards down.

    Should you get a strong hand,  you may click 'Play' to place another bet equivalent to your Ante bet, or you can click on 'Fold' to surrender your hand.

    The dealer must get a hand of Queen high or better in order to qualify.

    If the dealer does not qualify then the 'play' bet is returned and your ante bet will pay out 1:1.

    If the dealer qualifies, both hands are compared with the better hand winning.

    Winning Hands

    The game is played with the traditional 52-card deck that is shuffled at the end of each round.

    A three-card straight is considered a better hand than a three-card Flush in this version of Poker because there are fewer chances to make a three-card Strait than a three-card Flush.

    The individual cards are ranked in descending order but an Ace can either be high or low.

    If you and the dealer have equall hands after a round, the next highest card that isnt part of  a set known as the 'Kicker,' will determine the winner.


    With several different bets available in live three Card Poker, there are also several different payouts on offer.

    Ante Bonus

    Hand - Payout

    Straight - 1:1

    Three of a Kind - 4:1

    Straight Flush - 5:1

    Pair Plus

    Hand - Payout

    Pair - 1:1

    Flush - 4:1

    Straight - 5:1

    Three of a Kind - 30:1

    Straight Flush - 50:1

    Mini Royal (AQA) - 100:1

    6-Card Bonus

    Hand - Payout

    Three of a Kind - 7:1

    Straight - 10:1

    Flush - 15:1

    Full House - 20:1

    Four of a Kind - 100:1

    Straight Flush - 200:1

    Royal Flush - 1000:1

    Multi-Game Play

    If you enjoy our Live Casino games, you can play up to four different game windows at the same time which all open in the same browser window.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    The optimal theoretical RTP percentages for Live Three Card Poker are as follows -

    - Ante bet - 96.63%

    - Pair Plus bet - 95.51%

    - 6-Card Bonus bet - 91.44%