Bingo Winners Club Daily

Bingo Winners Club Daily

Welcome the Bingo Winners Club, our daily free bingo game!

    How do I play Bingo Winners Club?

    You need to win a qualifying game to be eligble to play these games.

    Qualifying games take place in Candy Club and Session Bingo rooms.

    Keep an eye out for the games with a 'BW' icon.

    Go to the Bingo Winners Club to claim your free tickets.


    How much are tickets?

    Tickets are free for players who have won one line, two lines or a full house in a qualifying game.

    Winners are awarded six tickets for the Daily and Weekly Bingo Winners Club games.


    How much can I win?

    You can see how much this week's prize is by visiting the Bingo Winners Club lobby.


    What is the maximum number of tickets I can have?

    You can win a maximum of 72 tickets for each game.


    How do I claim my free tickets in Bingo Winners Club?

    Simply visit the Bingo Winners Club from 30 minutes before the Daily or Weekly game is about to start.

    Click on 'Play Now' and then 'Claim' to get your tickets.