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Online Bingo Chat Room Guide

Take your online bingo experience to the next level by participating in our sociable bingo chat rooms. You’ll be greeted by our friendly hosts who are on-hand to answer any questions you might have and join in on the fun with fellow players.

As the proud winner of ‘Best Online Bingo Chat Team’ at both the 2018 and 2019 WhichBingo Awards, which is voted for by our players, we know a thing or two about creating best-in-class chat rooms. But it’s our players who use them that really make our chat rooms what they are and, indeed, who make Heart Bingo one of the UK's best bingo sites.

How do Online Bingo Chat Rooms Work?

Part of the appeal of our chat rooms is that they couldn’t be easier to use. Simply choose what bingo game you want to play, click ‘Play Now’ and wait for the game to load. The chat room box will then appear on the side of your window, where you can communicate with hosts and other players.

Chat hosts are signified with ‘HOST’ at the end of their name, while players - or rather, roomies’ - display names are the same as your username. It’s worth paying special attention to chat hosts, as they often make random announcements, such as prize giveaways, one-off offers and bonuses, and special promotions.

Each game has its own chat room and it’s also possible to swap rooms should you wish. It’s entirely up to you whether you join in the conversation, but it’s a chance for you to meet lots of like-minded people and to make new friends in the process. With no topic off limits, you can discuss everything from work to family to hobbies, bingo wins and even the weather! Do remember though, all messages are public and can be seen by everyone in that room, so be sure to follow the chat room etiquette.

Chat Hosts

Our online bingo rooms are hosted by professionally trained chat hosts, who are available to answer any questions you may have or simply enjoy a friendly chat with. Keep an eye on them in the chat rooms, as they regularly host chat games which you can play for real cash prizes while enjoying your favourite online bingo games.

Are Online Bingo Chat Rooms Safe?

Like all online chat forums, we have a number of dos and don’ts in place to maintain the feel good vibe that our chat rooms are known for, and which our players cherish. Our goal is to create a bingo website where you, our players, feel happy and safe playing bingo online and chatting in the rooms.

From our dedicated chat hosts who are on-hand to help with any questions you might have, to features such as ‘Ignore’, which lets you block other players, and a swear filter – rest assured that you're in safe hands playing bingo online at Heart Bingo.

We also have a comprehensive guide on our FAQ page, which has the full low-down on everything you need to know about our online bingo chat rooms and best practice.

General Chat Terms

GM - good morning

GTSY - glad to see you

LTNS - long time no see

WB – welcome back

*H* - hug

*K* – kiss

AFK - away from keyboard

AKA – also known as

ASAP – as soon as possible

A/S/L – age/sex/location

BK – i'm back

BLNT – Better Luck Next Time

BRB - be right back

BTW - by the way

CM - Chat master/monitor/moderator

CYA– see you later

GG – Good Game

G2G - Got To Go

GLE – Good Luck Everyone

E1 - Everyone

FYI– For Your Information

HAGD – Have A Good Day

JK – Just Kidding

LOL - Laugh Out Loud

NP – No Problem

OIC – Oh I See

OMG – Oh My Goodness

PPL – People

ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing

TIA – Thanks In Advance

TY - Thank You

TYVM – Thank You Very Much

WTH – What or Who The Heck

XOXOXO – Hugs And Kisses

WB – Welcome Back

YW - You're Welcome

Commonly Used Terms in Bingo

1TG - 1 Bingo Ball To Bingo

2TG - 2 Bingo Balls To Bingo

3TG - 3 Bingo Balls To Bingo

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

RTF - Read The FAQ

SAC – Sorry All Close

UL - Unlucky

WD – Well Done

WTG – Way To Go

? – Please Explain

?4U – Question For You