Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Enjoy a Progressive Jackpot in our exciting bingo room, Coffee Shop.

    Game Overview

    The bingo rooms are divided into three columns.

    The left is the fun panel where are selection of mini games are shown.

    The middle column holds details of the current game - jackpots, amount of players, balls called and the 'Buy Tickets' button.

    The right hand column contains the Chat window.

    A timer counting down to the next game is shown at the bottom of the page.


    Progressive Jackpots

    Blox Bingo features a jackpot that grows as it takes a portion of each ticket sold.

    It continues to grow until someone wins the lot.

    Completing a full house within a certain number of balls awards the jackpot.

    The number of balls is shown in the game window at all times. 


    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 80.99-85.45%

    The return is the amount we have paid out to members relative to all wagering on the games.