Front Room

Front Room

Make yourself at home in our cosy bingo room, Front Room.

Play 90-ball bingo from just 1p a ticket, with a Progressive Jackpot available to be won on every game.

    Game Overview

    A total of 90 numbers will be called as you play with cards that feature 15 numbers. 

    To win a cash prize, simply mark the numbers off your bingo card when they are called.

    Prizes are awarded as follows:

    · One line – marking off any horizontal line

    · Two lines – marking off any two horizontal lines

    · Full house – marking off every number on your ticket

    You can buy up to 120 tickets for each game of Front Room.

    As soon as you've bought your tickets you can continue on with your day, as our bingo game will automatically keep track of your tickets, awarding you any prizes you have won in your absence.

    How do I buy tickets?

    ‘Quick Buy’ allows you to buy tickets for the next front room game. 

    By clicking ‘Buy Tickets’ in the game screen, you will be shown the available tickets for the upcoming game.

    Following this, you choose the number of tickets you would like to purchase. 

    Click ‘Buy’ then confirm to complete your ticket purchase, and you are then given the option to buy more tickets or return to the game.

    You will be shown how many tickets you currently hold when you are redirected to the game screen. 

    When the game begins, your tickets will appear and you will be able to see your tickets marked off as your numbers are called.

    Progressive Jackpots

    Some 90-ball bingo games feature a Progressive Jackpot, and this can be won if you complete a full house within a certain number of ball calls. 

    As this happens relatively infrequently, this jackpot has the potential to grow to massive amounts of money.

    Every five minutes a new bingo game will start, so once you have bought your bingo tickets you will be playing a game in no time.

    To join in the fun, simply click the ‘Buy Tickets’ button!

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 80.99 - 85.45%.

    The return is the amount we have paid out to members relative to all wagering on the games.

    In this game there is a jackpot available to play for. 

    When a jackpot is won it resets to the Seed Value. 

    A percentage of each bet contributes to the jackpot value.

    Progressive Jackpot Seed value: £50

    We endeavour to show the most up-to-date jackpot value at all times, however because of display delays, this might not always be the case due to display delays.

    In an exceptionally rare case, the jackpot award value could be the jackpot seed amount if the jackpot winning outcome occurred just after another player's jackpot win, but before the jackpot meter was able to reset due to this earlier winner.