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Online Bingo Jackpots

Play bingo online at Heart Bingo and not only will you enjoy an incredible selection of games, but be in with the chance of winning huge jackpot prizes! Every single one of our bingo games gives you the opportunity to win unrivalled jackpots that you won’t find elsewhere. What’s more, they can be won at any time, meaning we’re always providing entertainment for our online community.

What Bingo Jackpots do we offer?

The majority of our games offer one of two bingo jackpot systems – Community Super Jackpots or Progressive Jackpots - adding further excitement to our online bingo rooms. Powerbolts Jackpots can also be won in the Candy Club chat room, which is a must drop jackpot feature consisting of two jackpots: the Maxi Bolt and the Mini Bolt.

What are Community Super Jackpots?

Heart Bingo launched Community Super Jackpots as a way of benefitting our entire online bingo community and to spread the feel good far and wide. The winner of this unique jackpot will be awarded 50% of the total amount and the other 50% will be divided equally among all other players who held a ticket during the winning game. Community Super Jackpots are fixed cash prizes ranging from £5,000 to an extraordinary £20,000.

How do you win a Community Super Jackpot?

For a chance of winning our Community Super Jackpots, you’ll need to play a scheduled 90-ball bingo game. The first player to call ‘house’ on the selected bingo games within 38 calls will be awarded the jackpot prize.

What are Online Bingo Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive Jackpots are a popular feature of online bingo games and are among the biggest on Heart Bingo! They are initially seeded by the house, with a percentage of every ticket purchase added to the jackpot. This means that the more players who play, the bigger the jackpots become. In addition to this, we also have linked Progressive Jackpots that run across the Gamesys network, and which are marked with a linked symbol. With more people contributing to the total jackpot amount, these can grow very big, very quick! Progressive Jackpots continue to build until one lucky player scoops the lot.

How do you win a Progressive Jackpot?

To win a Progressive Jackpot, you need to complete a Full House within a certain number of called numbers or cards on an eligible bingo game. The amount varies between games so keep an eye out, as it will be displayed next to the prize amount. The player to call house within the specified number of calls will win the entire Progressive Jackpot.

What are Powerbolts Jackpots?

Powerbolts Jackpots are must-win jackpots that are guaranteed to pay out before a certain time each day. There are two Powerbolts to play for: the Maxi Bolt and the Mini Bolt. The former can be won once-a-day and the latter several times each day.

How do you win Powerbolts Jackpots?

Maxi Bolt runs daily from midnight to 10pm and promises at least one winner every day. It starts with a ball condition of 38, which slowly increases throughout the day. If the jackpot hasn’t been claimed by 9:55pm, that game's ball condition will be set to 90 balls, ensuring that the jackpot will be won on that game.

As a linked jackpot, Maxi Bolt is played across several Gamesys sites. This means that it’s possible for players from different sites to win the full house on the same number of ball calls. Providing that they meet the jackpot condition, the total amount will be divided equally among winners should this happen.

The Mini Bolt, meanwhile, is site specific and can only be won on the site that you’re playing on. It has a fixed, higher ball condition than the Maxi Bolt, so is typically won several times throughout the day. When the jackpot has been awarded, you’ll be notified and the Mini Bolt will recommence in the next game.