Cops 'n' Robbers Megaways

Cops 'n' Robbers Megaways

Spin the slot game Cops 'n' Robbers Megaways for the chance to win Cascading Wins, Free Spins and a Bonus Choice, plus plenty of fun!

    Cops 'n' Robbers Megaways Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Cops 'n' Robbers Megaways range from 20p to £20.  

    Betting in this game uses the Megaways mechanic, which features up to 117,649 ways to win.


    Cascades occur after every win during the base game and Free Spins. 

    In Free Spins, Walking Wild symbols on the extra reel don't participate in cascades.

    If triggered, all winning symbols will be removed from the reels.

    The new empty positions will then be replaced with new symbols.

    Empty positions on the main reels will be filled with new symbols from above; empty positions on the extra reel will be filled with symbols from the right.

    Reel Modifiers

    During the base game, the police siren can flash on any spin.

    When it stops, it will be lit red or blue.

    If the siren is red, the Red Reels feature will be enabled.

    If it lights up blue, a random number of Mystery symbols will be added to the reels.

    All Mystery symbols present will turn into the same randomly-selected base game symbol.

    Red Reels Feature

    This feature awards an increasing Megaways sequence of games - this means that the number of Megaways available increases with each game.

    The maximum number of Megaways is 117,649.

    The crossing light can randomly turn green - should this happen, Bert the robber will appear and attempt to cross the reels from left to right.

    If he reaches the right-hand reel, extra bonus symbols will be added to the reels, guaranteeing to trigger a Bonus.

    The Red Reels feature terminates if you win the maximum number of Megaways; land a win greater or equal to 5x; or win a Bonus.

    Every spin in this feature is a separate game cycle. 

    Spins cost the same as the triggering spin's stake value. 

    Changing the stake before the end of the feature will not carry the Red Reels over to the new stake, but the game will return to the feature if you later return to the original stake.

    Free Spins Gamble

    In in this game, you get to choose whether you collect or gamble any free spins won.

    The ‘Take’ button displays the amount being risked; the 'Spin' button displays the prize for winning the gamble.

    Click 'take' to collect the current prize awarded, or 'Spin' to gamble your prize for a chance to win more. 

    Selecting Gamble will cause the Gamble Wheel to start spinning:

    • If the arrow lands in a green area, the Gamble wins
    • If the arrow lands in a red area, the Gamble loses

    Prizes for a winning and losing gamble will be displayed under the wheel as well as on the trail at the top of the screen.

    Reaching the end of the trail will give you another opportunity to Gamble any extra Free Spins won. 

    You can win up to 25 free spins from the Gamble Wheel - reaching this will automatically collect the free spins. 

    Any remaining free spins after a non-winning gamble will be collected automatically.

    Bonus Choice

    Three or more Scatters appearing in the base game will award you one of two bonuses.

    You'll get to choose either The Chase or Free Spins.

    Three Bonus Scatter symbols will trigger a chase with a ‘Cop Snooze Count’ of three - this is the number of moves the robber can make before the cop wakes up and starts chasing him.

    Each time a Scatter lands, the snooze count will increase by one.


    Free Spins Bonus

    Trigger this bonus by landing three Bonus Scatters - doing so will award you eight free spins.

    Each Scatter that appears above three will award another two spins per Scatter.

    You can win up to 78 free spins.

    An unlimited multiplier is active while playing Free Spins - it increases by one with each winning cascade.

    The multiplier value will be applied to every Free Spins win at the start of the cascade.

    During this bonus, Bonzo is Wild for every symbol except Bonus Scatters.

    Bonzo can only move one position per spin.

    It Bonzo appears directly underneath a Walking Wild symbol, every symbol on that reel will turn Wild. 

    Bonus wins are added to any coincidental ways win.

    Base prizes available in Free Spins are the same as the triggering bet.

    Chase Bonus

    The red dice moves Bert the robber around the board and the blue dice moves the cop around the board during this bonus.

    If you land on a square, the cash value contained in that square will be added to the total winnings meter. 

    The ‘Cop Snooze Count’ decreases by one each time the dice spins - the cop can only move when the snooze count reaches zero. This means that the robber can move risk-free until then.

    The robber getting caught will result in him entering the I.D. Parade and leading to one of the below outcomes:

    • Bert – the bonus ends and any wins will be collected
    • Vic – increases the values of the board squares. You'll return to the board and continue playing the bonus
    • Sid – you'll be awarded extra compensation and continue with the bonus

    If you land on the bottom left square, the total winnings amount will be multiplied by the current multiplier value.

    Each time you land on the bottom left square, the multiplier will increase. 

    It can increase up to a maximum of 5x.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 95.50%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.50 of wins.