With so many features available in the slot game Elemento, spin for a chance to win real cash prizes.

    Elemento Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Elemento range from 20p to £20.

    This game does not feature paylines, as it uses the Cluster Pays mechanic.   

    Cluster Wins

    Cluster Win are awarded when five or more matching symbols land horizontally or vertically next to each other. 

    Only the highest win per cluster pays out.

    Simultaneous wins with different symbol clusters are combined; multiple clusters of the same symbol that aren't next to each other pay separately. 

    Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the paytable, and any applicable multipliers will be applied.

    Game Information

    Elemento takes place on a 9x9 grid. 

    This game consist of two areas:

    • Element Area - this comprises the top and bottom row, and the left and right column of the game. Only Element Wild symbols and empty positions can appear here 
    • Play Area - this comprises the 7x7 area inside the Element Area. Only regular and Wild symbols can land here 

    Symbols in the Element Area don't fall down during the Avalanche; symbols in the Play Area do fall down during the Avalanche.

    Special Symbols 

    There are four different Element Wild symbols in this game.

    All Element Wilds act as a Wild symbol.

    Between one and four random Element Wild symbols can be placed on random positions in the Element Area at the start of each spin.

    Element Wilds of the same type can appear in the Element Area a maximum of five times during one base spin and one free spin.

    Symbols in the Element Area move one step clockwise following each Avalanche.

    If an Element Wild is involved in a Cluster Win, it becomes activated.

    Each time an activated Element Wild symbol lands, the corresponding Element Meter will increase by one.

    Activated Element Wilds cannot be involved in Cluster Wins.

    When Cluster Wins and Avalanches are no longer possible, all triggered Element Wild symbols will activate their corresponding feature (starting from the top left corner and moving clockwise) and then disappear from the reels:

    • Fire Element Wild symbol activates the Fire Wild feature
    • Water Element Wild symbol activates the X Flood feature
    • Earth Element Wild symbol activates the Demolition feature
    • Wind Element Wild symbol activates the Tornado feature

    The Fire Wild feature can add Wild symbols to the reels. 

    Wild Symbols

    Wilds substitute for all regular symbols for the Cluster Win evaluation.

    The Wild symbol is evaluated separately in any cluster that it's involved in and is unable to pay on its own.

    Avalanche Feature

    If triggered, all symbols from the previous spin will disappear from the Play Area before the next spin takes place. 

    New symbols will then fall down and replace them. 

    If any new symbols (regular or Wild) secure a Cluster Win, they will pay out and disappear from the reels. 

    More new symbols will then fall into their place, creating even more opportunities to win. 

    The Avalanche ends when Cluster Wins stop landing.

    Element Spawn

    Element Spawn occurs when an Element Wild symbol is not involved in a Cluster Win.

    It allows the Cluster Win to add one random Element Wild to a random position in the Element Area.

    One Element Wild symbol can be awarded per Avalanche. 

    Fire Wild 

    This feature adds between two and 10 Wild symbols to random positions in the Play Area.

    X Flood 

    If triggered, X Floor transforms nine randomly selected positions in an X-shape in the Play Area into the same symbol.

    Land one activated Water Element Wild symbol to trigger the X Flood Feature twice - this will turn two X-shaped patterns in the Play Area into the same symbol.

    Cluster Wins are evaluated when the activated Water Element Wild symbol stops activating the X Flood feature. 


    Demolition Feature 

    One type of low paying symbol will be chosen at random at the start of this feature. 

    All symbols of that type will be removed from the Play Area. 

    One activated Earth Element Wild symbol can activate the Demolition Feature up to four times and remove all four low paying symbols from the Play Area.

    Avalanche takes place once the activated Earth Element Wild symbol has finished activating the Demolition feature.

    Tornado Feature

    One regular symbol in the Play Area will be picked at random.

    Its eight adjacent symbols will then transform into the same symbol or disappear.

    One activated Wind Element Wild symbol can activate the Tornado Feature twice and select two regular symbols at different positions and their adjacent symbols.

    If no symbols are removed, Cluster Wins will be evaluated; otherwise the Avalanche will occur.


    Free Spins

    All four Element Wilds must be activated at least once during a single base game spin to trigger Free Spins. 

    You'll win five free spins as well as the total amount of Element Wild symbols activated in the base spin.

    This bonus features a Win Multiplier starting at x1 - it can increase up to a maximum of x99. 

    The Multiplier increases by one with each Avalanche and is applied to all Cluster Wins secured during Free Spins. 

    If all four Element Wild symbols are activated at least once during a single free spin, you'll win extra free spins.

    The number awarded equals the total amount of Element Wild symbols that were activated during that Free Spin.


    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.33%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.33.