MONOPOLY Utility Trails

MONOPOLY Utility Trails

MONOPOLY Utility Trails is the slot game offering a new and exciting take on the classic board game! Play for a chance to win bonus symbols and cash prizes.

    MONOPOLY Utility Trails Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in MONOPOLY Utility Trails range from 20p to £4.

    This is a cluster pays slot machine, meaning five or more Clusters win. 

    Game Information

    MONOPOLY Utility Trails takes place on a 7x8 grid.

    Cluster Symbols

    Wins are awarded whenever five or more symbols form a connected Cluster.

    A cluster is classed as a grouped combination of symbols where every symbol touches at least one other symbol of the same type horizontally or vertically.

    Wild Clusters only substitute for adjacent symbols - they do not have an associated paytable prize, meaning at least one paytable symbol must appear horizontally or vertically adjacent to the Wild Cluster in order to win. 

    The highest paytable prize per Cluster pays out only.


    Cascades occur with every winning combination. 

    Once wins have been evaluated, winning symbols will be removed from the reels.

    Remaining symbols will then drop into their positions and new symbols will fall from above.

    Cascades continue until wins stop landing or the maximum amount occurs (10 in this game). 

    Any new wins will be awarded before the next cascade takes place.

    Multiple wins will be combined. 

    Wild Symbols

    Wilds substitute for all symbols except the Electric Company Bulb and Water Works Tap.

    • If a Wild lands and is involved in a winning combination, it will explode and disappear from the board
    • If a Wild lands and is not involved in a win, it will remain on the board until the end of the spin while cascades take place

    Wild symbols are only allocated to only a single cluster.

    Wild substitutions leading to the highest paying board win will be awarded.

    Wild Tracks

    If a Golden Wild lands in a column or row already featuring a Golden Wild symbol, Wild Tracks will be enabled.

    Every symbol between the two Golden Wilds on that row/ column will be replaced with a Carriage Wild symbol. 

    If the Golden Wilds form a square shape, the Carriage Wilds will expand to cover all symbols inside it.

    These extra Carriage Wilds cannot trigger.

    Golden Wilds 

    Following a cascade, any remaining Carriage Wild symbols on the board will turn into a Golden Wild. 

    If a Carriage Wild can be replaced by an Electric Company Bulb or Water Works Tap, it will transform into the respective combination: a Wild/ Electric Company Bulb or a Wild/ Water Works Tap.

    Community Chest

    Community Chests are 3x3 symbols that award cash prizes of between 5x and 1000x your total bet.

    They can appear at random on any spin or cascade.

    Should one land, it will open to reveal your prize. 

    Chests explode at the end of the feature and then disappear from the board.

    Water Works

    Trigger this bonus by collecting 15 Water Works Tap symbols in the meter on the right-hand side of the board. 

    Water Works Tap symbols can only land during the base game. 

    Whenever one appears, it will be added to the meter before exploding and disappearing from the board.

    If you collect more than 15 symbols, they will not carry over at the end of the bonus.

    At the start of the Water Works bonus, the reels spin until a cluster lands.

    Winning cluster(s) will lock in place for the duration of the bonus game.

    Non-winning symbols will then cascade - any symbols that add to an existing cluster or clusters, or that create new cluster(s) will also lock in place. 

    There are taps located above the board in MONOPOLY Utility Trails - these can activate at random as soon as the board is populated. 

    If the taps pour water, one of two modifiers will be activated and result in the following outcome:

    • Multiple clusters of different symbols will upgrade to match the cluster with the highest-value symbol
    • Clusters of the same symbol will upgrade to the next highest-value symbol according to the paytable

    This bonus terminates when a spin doesn't result in a cluster upgrade or Water Taps isn't re-triggered.

    Golden Wilds cannot appear during Water Works.

    If Water Works and Electric Company are triggered on the same spin, the former will play first followed by the latter.

    Electric Company

    This bonus is triggered when 15 Electric Company Bulb symbols are collected in the meter.

    Electric Company Bulb symbols can only land during the base game.

    Whenever one appears, it will be added to the meter. It then explodes and will be removed from the board.

    If more than 15 symbols are collected, they will not be kept once the bonus has ended. 

    In this round, all grid symbols are replaced with a mix of Property and Chance cards, and colour tiles. 

    • Property Cards are worth between 0.5x and 25x your total bet. They become sticky whenever they land. If all positions are covered by Property Cards, no more spins occur
    • Colour tiles - a cluster of colour tiles will explode and disappear. If they match the colour of any Property Card on the board, the value of that card will double
    • Chance Cards - these flip to reveal a House or Hotel. If a House is revealed, the value of a random Property Card will double. If a Hotel is revealed, all Property Cards in-view will double in value

    Chance cards explode and disappear once the multiplier has been applied. 

    You'll be awarded three lives at the start of Electric Company.  

    If you fail to land a Property card, Chance card or Colour cluster on a spin, you will lose one life.

    Each time you lose a life, the board will re-spin (accumulated Property cards remain in-place).

    Losing all three lives will end the bonus and you'll be awarded the total sum of all Property cards on the board.

    Off The Rails Jackpot

    If the whole board is filled with Wild symbols in the base game, the Off The Rails Jackpot will be awarded.

    There are two possible ways to fill the board with Wilds:

    • Land a Golden Wild symbol in each corner on any given spin
    • Land 10 consecutive cascades in a single paid game during the base game - if this occurs, you'll be awarded the Off The Rails Jackpot on the next cascade and the base game will end

    This jackpot pays 20,000.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.79%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.79 of wins.